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Happy to find the chef's hat for another update

Happy to Nook Miles Ticket find the chef's hat for another update. I hope this results in more food related furniture. I'd like that damn ice cream instance that has been in New Leaf.A restaurant/cafe would be quite amazing in almost any village since that's usually one of those things people use an excess villager's home to do. Insert a cooking mini game and devotion.

I think that the November/Fall II update or January/Winter I upgrade makes the most sense for Brewster. They most likely don't want to have 2"large" attributes for any given update so this one is all about Halloween and the next might be Brewster as there isn't any significant holiday in November. January is somewhat empty too (not sure about Japan though) therefore there's a chance Brewster may come afterward.

November is thanksgiving. December is Christmas. January is fresh calendar year. February is valentine's. We've got a good deal of upcoming holidays with unique characters.February may also have that 1 festival with Pavé!

Thanksgiving is in November.

It is possible to!! On ACNH site they said that pumpkin starts will be accessible from Lief year-round!!! And accessible at Nook's Cranny during October!! That's great to hear, thanks really much.Friendship ended with oranges, now my very best friend is with pumpkinsJust a caution though, will they rise annually or just be available annually? Like with the shrubs you can buy them out of year but they won't flower.Probably available annually, or they would be publishing anything else for southern players to farm in october

There are numerous vegetables being inserted in the game codes, wouldn't be surprised more seasonal vegetables will be introduced/playable from the upcoming updates.I'm unsure. The website did not say. Just said they would be available from Lief year old:)No problem! I wish they'd explain! But either way I'm so excited for pumpkins! And I think that opens up a great deal of possibilities for additional buy New Horizons Items farming items later on!

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